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A few months ago Jean told me an unbelievable story. Jean is in her thirties, a high potential on her way to her first promotion: one of the most laid-back but ambitious people I've ever met. One day she had a major insight: although her drive had made her the strongest performer in the team, she was actualy limiting the collective performance.
Jean became her team's biggest fan and strongest supporter and results sky rocketed. The client list went from 5 clients to 12 in just seven months and revenue improved from 38.000 in 2014 to 600.000 in 2015.

My name is Evert Pruis. With my company ROI on Talent I train managers, teams and potentials like Jean to spot and flourish latent talents in their teams. My four phase approach delivers real results and tangible improvements of team targets.

Do any of these questions resonate with you:
* Are the KPI’s of your team lagging?
* Would you love to focus on talent, but do you lack the how-to’s?
* Has the energy & spirit of your team left the building?
* Do you want to flourish like Jean, or reap the benefits of seeing your team follow her lead?

Give me a call! I would love to show you how to spot and flourish the talents in your team!
Mobile: +316 51 84 97 38
Email: EvertPruis@ROIonTalent.com
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Evert Pruis, Msc

I worked as change manager and learning consultant at Atos-Origin and Shell. I’m one of the founders of the Forzes network of change and learning specialists and the founder of ROI on Talent, a Forzes venture specialising in talent-, leadership- and sales development. I’m driven to work on the company added value of learning. I do this through innovative interventions that directly improve work performance.

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I am Evert Pruis
I amplify the value of learning: I build and deliver learning solutions with bottom-line results.
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