Positive PerspectiveAmplifying the Value of Learning

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Design & delivery of talent development and -management solutions with proven bottom-line impact. Writer. Speaker. TEDx.

As an experienced organization developer, I design, develop and facilitate learning journeys for performance improvement and behavioral change, talent and talented leadership development, and I advise on the organization of integrated talent management. My way of working is professional, decisive and result-oriented and at the same time also people-oriented. In complex situations you can count on me to be enthusiastic, appreciative and brave.

Typical Evert:
• enthusiastic and warm • space and appreciation • learning and inquisitive • innovation in learning • tangible organizational results • smart and loving • brave

I fulfill various roles: consultant, designer, developer, process supervisor, facilitator, trainer.


  • Integrated talent management and development.
  • Business alignment: needs assessment and target setting.
  • Measuring the impact of learning on performance and organizational results.
  • Learning design for Return on Investment: ROI by design.
  • Learning and talent development.
  • Training in and group facilitation of behavioral change.
  • Innovating learning: blended, flipped, on-line, mobile.
  • Process guidance: e.g. intervision and action learning.


  • Communication – speaking, writing.
  • Quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Video-production.
  • Convince and influence: enroll, enthuse and involve.
  • Ability to envision and implement innovation.
  • Ability to form a vision and make it practical.
I am Evert Pruis
I amplify the value of learning: I build and deliver learning solutions with bottom-line results.