Positive PerspectiveAmplifying the Value of Learning

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7 recent projects I've undertaken with my clients

  1. Create a program to promote top talents to the second echelon within five years.
  2. Creating and facilitating a program to promote talents within a year and a half to a front-line managerial position, or an equivalent expert role. Realize that 80% of the vacancies at these levels will be filled by internal people.
  3. Connecting all HR departments to achieve an integrated vision and approach to talent management.
  4. Create and provide a program for account managers large accounts. Advising the management and process management of the underlying organizational change.
  5. Supervising action learning and intervision meetings.
  6. On-the-job guidance of HR advisers in the process of strategic personnel planning.
  7. Designing, developing and arranging a blended academy and facilitating the learning sessions.
I am Evert Pruis
I amplify the value of learning: I build and deliver learning solutions with bottom-line results.