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Talent Development

I'm driven by the idea that talent is massively under-utilised in our organisations, resulting in absenteeism and productivity loss.

My key insight for talent development is to go beyond high potentials, managers, executives and key positions. It’s my conviction that we’re all talented, no matter what function or level. The challenge is to help people find and become aware of their latent talents and make them actionable. There’s a role here for managers and leaders to help kindle this awareness and to support workplace application.

I speak on talent development and talent management at various occasions in the Netherlands and abroad. Most recently I spoke at TEDxStrijp on The Future of Talent.

Talent @work

In my daily work I design, build and deliver programs for managerial and professional talents, for trainees and executives. Is there an ROI on talent? Yes, there is. I’ve recently built a mid career talent program where 80% of job openings were staffed by internal candidates: a tangible business benefit.

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Talent is massively under-utilised in organizations.
Evert Pruis
I am Evert Pruis
I amplify the value of learning: I build and deliver learning solutions with bottom-line results.
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