Prove and amplify the value of learning

The key element of learning with a significant Return on Investment is business impact. Achieving bottom-line impact requires an alignment of learning to the needs of the business. Through business alignment I seek to establish a clear perception on the desired workplace performance and impact on key performance and result indicators. I do this through a structured dialog with business leaders.

This dialog with the business is the single most important factor for the success of the learning interventions. It’s a crucial stage before building and delivering the learning solutions. It not only helps managers on all levels to gain an awareness of their needs, but even more importantly their involvement and commitment is secured. This is invaluable during the design and delivery of the learning solution, as it guarantees managerial support of the learners in the workplace. To reformulate in line with the 70/20/10 framework: “Business alignment is the essential precursor for workplace learning. No business alignment, means no workplace learning.”.

As part of my product and service portfolio, I:

  • perform business alignment through needs assessments;

  • draft ROI measurement plans;

  • consult on the framework for learning, performance and business impact measurements;

  • develop learning, performance and business impact measurements;

  • co-create and deliver learning solutions that have been designed to deliver a positive return on their investment;

  • carry out ROI analysis and report on the lessons learned and business impact to all stakeholders.