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Deep personal work enables leading from (emotional) proximity.

The mental and emotional state - who they are - is the deciding factor in the results leaders achieve. Not the spoken words nor the conversational skills. Who leaders are when they listen or when they speak matters. Being real, that is, talking authentically and without judgment, can mean a breakthrough for the other person. Conversely, a state of judgment increases distance and thereby decreases effectiveness. Suspending judgment means allowing love into the conversation.

Between 2017 and 2020, Roemer Visser and I entered into dialogues with 20 leaders from various companies and institutions. Profit. Non Profit. Government. Concern.


The core of our research and work within TIAS is about leadership, influencing others, and communication's essential role in this. Not so much about the action or underlying skill but about whom the speaker is while communicating. For example, if leaders dare to be vulnerable, they show themselves in their words; they share who they are. If, on the other hand, they are analytical and detached, then they are not showing themselves fully. Their words belie their judgment.

Who are leaders, therefore, emerges in what they do, and that affects the other.


My portfolio of products and services includes:

  • co-facilitating the TIAS Masterclass Management Teams & Leadership together with Roemer Visser;

  • co-facilitating the personal leadership module in the TIAS Executive MBA;

  • policy formation, writing notes on leadership profiles and leadership development;

  • designing, developing, and providing tailor-made leadership journeys.

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