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Planet justice

I acknowledge that climate change is real and present.
I constatate that this phase of climate change is humanity's doing.
I realize that our actions are bringing about the sixth extinction and quite possibly runaway global warming.
It is my understanding that our planet can and will recover, but that we as a species might not and neither will most of the multitude of all current flora and fauna.
I am aware that I've forgotten to live in accordance with life on Earth, our planet, my fellow man and with the essence of my inner nature.



  • I have ceased taking flying holidays;

  • I have switched to a vege-/pescetarian diet;

  • I travel to my clients by train, tram or on foot;

  • we have limited the annual distance we travel by car to 20% it was in 2015;

  • our home is powered for 85% by solar panels;

  • we shop organic;

  • I gift 5% of my personal income to projects that will help cool down our planet (yes, that you guys JustDiggit and Flash Forest ;-);

  •     I gift 5% of my client fees to social enterprises that will ameliorate inequality and fosters diversity to augment happiness and safety in our society and the flourishing of talent and innovation;

  • I strive to remember.

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