A smarter way of learning supports personal and organizational transformation

It seems that working and learning have become two separate worlds. Conference and training centers are fully booked with people that go off-the-job to learn something that they have to apply on-the-job. This learning transfer impossible, unfortunately, as neuro-science shows us.
From a historical perspective this dichotomy between learning and performing is even stranger, let alone not very fruitful. Even Michelangelo, lauded as a natural talent upon his first masterpiece, had been in a guild for eight years. Learning, teaching, working and performing. Not separate, but integrated: fused, merged.

I’ve spent the best part of thirty years designing, building and delivering innovative learning solutions that fuse learning and working. Partly through technology, partly by bringing learning back to working and working back to learning. The results have been staggering, frankly. Companies have reaped millions in benefits from engaging high potentials in real business improvement during their traineeships; technical team leads have made continuous improvement the backbone of their leadership development and potentials have learned from conceiving and implementing improvements in their work.


As part of my product and service portfolio, I:

  • co-create experience navigation;

  • perform qualitative and quantitative research;

  • design learning solutions based on the (neuro)science of learning: blended, on-line, workplace and mobile;

  • develop workplace learning

  • develop craft learning programs for potential; leadership; talent; sales; skill and specialist development;

  • engineer micro-learning and performance support systems to maximize learning effectiveness and minimize off-the-job learning times;

  • facilitate intervision and action learning;

  • build and facilitate blended academies with a strong focus on personalized and self-paced learning; peer-to-peer and action learning.