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Building bands of musketeers.

Work is becoming more complex; the workload increases and partnerships have a less permanent, dynamic composition. This new world of work requires a more serving, coaching, and facilitating role from managers and more responsibility and ownership for the joint result and process of team members. My motto? “Only a team that feels like a band of musketeers has any chance of success.”.

Leaders would love their teams to fly, to become a high-performing team. Managers want to see each team member being fully committed share of the task. And where there is a mutual understanding that there's more than operational pressure. 

As part of my product and service portfolio, I:

  • co-create experience navigation;

  • perform qualitative and quantitative research;

  • design learning solutions based on the (neuro)science of learning: blended, on-line, workplace and mobile;

  • develop workplace learning

  • develop craft learning programs for potential; leadership; talent; sales; skill and specialist development;

  • engineer micro-learning and performance support systems to maximize learning effectiveness and minimize off-the-job learning times;

  • facilitate intervision and action learning;

  • build and facilitate blended academies with a strong focus on personalized and self-paced learning; peer-to-peer and action learning.

Learning Solutions: Services
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