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Flourish human potential and organizational results

Research by Association for Talent Development (ATD) shows that HR departments, due primarily to budgetary considerations, are less likely to perceive talent management as an integrated process, let alone to address it as such. Departments like HRD, for instance, will receive more budget when they have an attractive talent development program on offer and career development will receive more funding when they support the organizations’ outliers on carefully laid out career paths.

In my work I perceive talent management as an integrated process. Why? Because the talent development programs with a positive Return on Investment are the result of a coherent organizational talent management effort: from strategic resource planning, to recruitment and assessment, pipelining, career planning, career development, engagement, mentoring and coaching and (last but not least) learning and development.

I'm also driven by the vision that potential is massively under-utilized in our organizations, resulting in absenteeism and productivity loss. My key insight is aim beyond high potentials, managers, executives and key positions. We all have potential to grow, no matter what function we may hold. The challenge is to help people find and ignite their latent talents, actively invest in their potential and help them improve: continuously. Both leaders and colleagues have a vital role to play as managers of talent.


As my product and service portfolio, I:

  • perform integrated talent management scans;

  • train managers in their role as managers of talent;

  • build iTM dashboards with measurable talent management metrics;

  • advice on the frameworks for integrated talent management and their implementation;

  • design, build and deliver programs for potentials in managerial and expert roles, for trainees and executives.

Integrated Talent Management: Services
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