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Your mental and emotional state – who you are being – is the deciding factor

It’s not the words you use, nor your conversation skills. Who you are being when you listen, or when you speak, matters. Being real, that is, engaging in conversation authentically, without judgment, can gener-ate a breakthrough for the other. Conversely, being in a state of judgment increases the distance, and reduces your effectiveness. Suspending judgment means allowing love into the conversation. Get real and discover the business case for love.

Roemer Visser and I entered into a dialogue between 2017 and 2020 with 20 leaders from a variety of companies and institutions. Profit. Nonprofit. Government. Care. In 2020 we'll publish a book with our lessons learned about the business case for love. 

The core of this book is about leadership, influencing others and the essential role that communication plays. Actually not so much about the act or underlying skill, but about who one is being while communicating. If leaders, for example, are vulnerable, then they shows themselves in their words; they share who they are. If, on the other hand, leaders are analytical and distant; they don't reveal themselves fully. Their words belie their judgment.
Who leaders are being, therefore, shows up in what they do, and that has an effect on the other. 

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