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Driver of growth and committed connector

I'm co-founder and partner of Forzes and so an active member of the Forzes network. In our partnership, we have a team of colleagues with shared backgrounds in (applied) educational and organizational psychology in the fields of organizational, team and leadership development.

We pay attention to the development of ourselves, our professional network and customers by sharing our knowledge and experiences, both here in the Netherlands and abroad. We experiment with and actively participate in networks for new forms of learning and organizing. Several times a year we host open networking meetings where we meet our peers and clients to collaborate about knowledge sharing and development.

What drives us daily is moving people, teams and organizations towards their unrealized strengths. We do this through inquiringly, securely and meaningfully connecting our ideas and expertise to our customers’: delivering powerful change and development. As an independent band of passionate change agents, we enable, encourage and enhance an organization’s sustainable development. By constantly looking out for what’s new in our field of expertise we frequently discover fresh insights. Keeping in touch with our peers and our clients means we develop the skills essential to bringing about successful workers, ways of working and workplaces.

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